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Neptunian8 - Scyphozoa download mp3 album

Neptunian8 - Scyphozoa download mp3 album
Industrial, Illbient, Glitch, IDM, Dark Ambient, Downtempo
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from Scyphozoa by Neptunian8. Neptunian8 "Scyphozoa" CD Album + Digital. Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album. Includes unlimited streaming of Scyphozoa via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. ships out within 3 days.

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The Scyphozoa are an exclusively marine class of the phylum Cnidaria, referred to as the true jellyfish (or "true jellies"). It may include the extinct fossil group the Conulariida, whose affinities are uncertain and widely debated. The class name Scyphozoa comes from the Greek word skyphos (σκύφος), denoting a kind of drinking cup and alluding to the cup shape of the organism. Scyphozoans have existed from the earliest Cambrian to the present.

The Scyphozoa is a monster programmed by . It serves a great number of purposes for . personally: the predominant two of its tasks are to drain a victim's/object's digital memory/energy, or plant viruses in the Lyoko Warriors to put them under . The Scyphozoa makes its debut in Uncharted Territory, where it captures Aelita for the first time in Sector Five. It uses its tentacles to steal Aelita's memory from her.

Tyler plays drums in ubik  . Scyphozoa is playing this Friday at the Josephine! It's been a while. And we're playing with a bunch of friends: Negative Hole, Burning Of I, and The Vatcan!

Ephyra stage of the Scyphozoa life cycle. Ephyra are the larval forms of jellyfish that can inhabit the planktonic range. Ephyra break off of the scyphistoma (a stalk fixed to a hard substrate that produces larval jellyfish through budding) and become free-swimming organisms that eventually grow into adult jellyfish. The ephyra are part of the life cycle of the class Scyphozoa which are characterized by the general cup-shape of their bell, 4 part symmetry, lack a defined pharynx, and lack a tissue self (velum or velarium).


1 Portal Of Elements 6:19
2 La Dernière Ligne 4:46
3 Le 15 Verrier 4:34
4 Red Room 5:13
5 Misdeed 4:41
6 Psamathée 5:08
7 Expel Agaro 3:49
8 C2h2 7A 4:20
9 Exhaust 2:27
10 The Hammer Of Uncontrollable 2:47
11 Light Across Window 4:50


Mastered by J.Sellekaers
Artwork by Sandro Paoli
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REVIEW by Chroniques Electroniques (FR):Since 1994, the Belgian Geoffroy Sallustin occurred as DJ techno, acid and industrial blaze in the S-Virus. Level collaborations, the man has worked on several soundtracks for short films, a book and a play (The assumption of the chaos of Possible Troop). By desire to extend its sound perspectives, he invents a new project in 2005, Neptunian8, with whom he engages in symbiosis flippantes IDM and dark ambient. Initial release of the label Formik Records, Scyphozoa is his first album. Welcome to a world where cracks anxiety crack the walls, where uncertainty stuck with it and where jellyfish roam the corridors of the metro. A dive in Scyphozoa is like a day of wandering in the middle of a tunnel without end. Oppression, lurking behind every shadow zone, not let you down the throat one-half second. The soundtrack of an Apocalypse of creation rather than destruction, says the author. As if a vent gave a brief blast of air less polluted, some creepy moments in this pilgrimage are being informed of absurd beauty, grace unreal situations. Between two neon pale yet the distance is infinite. Under its coating darkly contemplative textures and incredible - to be between pops out of your skull and mixing air - music Neptunian8 blends a thousand influences. Beside titles evoking a dark ambient Kreng would have taken a liking to the industrial, rhythmic phases pour into a clinical coldness, in the repetition of a bug alienated, whose persistence is a downtempo stone in building creepy and tortured shapes that Sallustin. The introductory Portal Of Elements and illustrate the slow path of an object mutant on an assembly line. The jerks are not prohibited provided. Immediately following, the last line, the scar of the glitch beats and raw guitar riffs, before the mist flows not debase you, now alone with swarms of bugs that you run on the neck. Resurgences (but future) industrial dub, having himself transferred through several matrix are appearing on C2H2-7A and Exhaust. Scyzophoa is a breathtaking album, including the accuracy of sound-design is matched by the intensity of moods. The ultimate detail, which sublimates all, lies in pieces Red Room and Light Across Window, only remnants of a world still pretty, not completely dehumanized. Also the only letting out the notes of a piano and whose plies are torn between melancholy pale, pure hope and spleen. Beat him, enjoyed these structures that characterize oxygenated products psychill. Light Across Window in particular, the album closes on a tone of exquisite ambivalence. Scyphozoa is a forgotten gem from 2011. Recounting an escape from the depths to which febrile nothing is known, this debut album Neptunian8 exhibits a remarkable talent for both atmospheres complex routs for the beat. Scyphozoa is not comforting, but it is good to dive.REVIEW by Vital Weekly (NL):In 2005 Belgium’s S-Virus, who did techno, underground, acid, industrial DJ-ing since 1994, changed his name to Neptunian8, in order to expand his horizon, adding influences from the world of electronica, IDM, ambient, illbient, XP and nu-jazz to his roster. He did various soundtracks for movies and only now releases his first solo CD. The semantics of all these musical genres aside, which I never can figure out anyway what the exact differences are anyway, I think we have here a nicely varied CD of electronic music. At times dark and haunting, like the soundtrack to an industrial nightmare, followed by the nice tinkle on the piano, only to be followed by those illbient/trip hop like rhythms. Indeed music with quite a cinematographic character; its not difficult to hear why music like this can be used narrative films. Think Armageddon, aliens, space ships and horror movies – anything as long as its not very abstract. I am not really the kind of guy for this kind of music, perhaps because I like music to be more abstract and illbient/triphop/downtempo is not a field in which I am some sort of an expert, but this all seems to be made with great style and effort, with lots of care for the smaller details through an excellent production.REVIEW by The Machinist (BY):NEPTUNIAN8 Project was formed in 2005 an underground Belgian industrial techno DJ S-Virus. His experimental debut album "Scyphozoa" was released in late November 2011 and has a deep and surreal, a bit gloomy and mysterious music, which has elements of sci-fi ambient illbienta, post-apocalyptic, Industrial, idm-electronics and a couple of times, even a semblance of avant-garde jazz, or postroka (for example, in "La Derniere Ligne"). Similar music is now in demand abroad - it is used in the short and popular science film, trailer, teaser, exhibitions and theatrical productions. I think that the album NEPTUNIAN8 to represent the interests of Russian-speaking fans for a non-trivial experimental electronics. Especially since razabrats mastered by Guru John Sellekaers (XINGU HILL) from the studio Metarc, who are able to repeatedly reinforce the impression, even on the original Good electronic record. The album "Scyphozoa" per se, certainly is. His melodic moments in its own beautiful and refined ("Portal Of Elements", "Red Room", "Light Across Window"), melancholy akvatorialnye fluctuations and large-scale ("Expel Agaro"), the ritual implications and frightening emptiness ("Le Verrier 15 »,« Misdeed "), rhythmic pieces of interest (" C2H2-7A "," La Derniere Ligne "), orchestrations are blurred, and the overall sound design is characterized by heightened scrupulousness and is different from most of the releases, which in recent years took to the dark ambient and idm-electronic scene. Sounds like NEPTUNIAN8 born in the vast emptiness, on the border of the world, they feel the heavy breathing of nature and ancient myths, and felt the invisible presence of some alien Tribe, or other forms of life. Summary: "Scyphozoa" - esthetic avant-garde album that is interesting for its gloomy, hypnotic, unfathomable, "oceanic" The atmosphere and the conceptual architecture of electroacoustic sound. Recommend to discover the creativity of the project NEPTUNIAN8 primarily to fans of post-apocalyptic dark ambient, but warn that the music of the Belgians, "not easy" and capable of "covered his head."REVIEW by Brutal Resonance (UK):"Scyphozoa is a class within the phylum Cnidaria, sometimes referred to as the "true jellyfish"... and with that, I'm straight back into the murky allure of Dark Ambient, after six years of exodus from the genre. Neptunian8 is an artist unfamiliar to me, but his CD arrived out of the blue into my mailbox earlier this week, and I'm happy to rekindle my relationship with rich soundscapes, for at least one more occasion. Let's begin this journey with "Portal of Elements", a track which in keeping with the concept, has a strong nautical elegance to it - there's sonar-esque pulses, and sampling aplenty. "Red Room" features some piano intricacies, adding to the theme once again, and it's an all-out "sinking ship" ethos - there's a sombre approach to the artist's concepts, and the interesting thing about this release is the echoes of IDM that add an extra layer to the music - where I find Dark Ambient pedestrian and tame these days, the gap has been filled leaving just enough to once again pique my interest, if not temporarily. Towards the end of the release, Neptunian8 experiments more and more with spacial synth, IDM sequences, and general awareness of various structures, and despite no longer being an avid connoisseur of Ambient music, there is something here that I don't recall ever stumbling across before, and this release might be the beacon that some of you dreamers are seeking. Recommended. REVIEW by Alternativmusik (DE):The project Neptunian8 something seems to have left the oceans. Not only is the project name, but also the name of the first album refers to: The Scyphozoa is the term for all marine animals on which we would describe as a jellyfish. Accordingly, these float in the album cover of a body slumped together in a subway station from which you see only the clothes. Refers to the cover art as the representation of a metamorphosis, it also fits well with the music. Because this seems to be constantly in the process of change are too.Even though most of drones can be heard happens in the background so a lot: to animate to dance sometimes beats, then completely ruled apathy or hearing the Wabbern of something that sounds as coming from some shallows. Anyway, that's a good point: the feeling of hearing something wet cold, is almost always present.At the same time create Neptunian8 a lot of variety, whether it be in the form of bluesy sounds (la derniere ligne), just the piano accompaniment for red room, which sometimes reminds drilling and Club of Gore or noise with archaic drums like expel agaro. Constantly to switch between irritated and fascinated to and fro.Neptunian8 know how to create atmospheric sounds, they have proved with Scyphozoa, the friends of experimental music can definitely be recommended.