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Motörhead - Motörhead Часть 3-4 download mp3 album

Motörhead - Motörhead Часть 3-4 download mp3 album
Motörhead Часть 3-4
Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
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Motörhead is the self-titled debut studio album by the band Motörhead, released on 21 August 1977, on Chiswick Records, one of the first for the label. It is officially regarded as the band's debut album, though an album was recorded in 1975 for United Artists which was shelved, and was only released in 1979 after the band had established themselves commercially

1993 - The Best Of Motörhead - All The Aces. 1994 - The Best Of Motörhead II. 1995 - Sacrifice. 1996 - Overnight Sensation. 1998 - Snake Bite Love. 2000 - We Are Motörhead. 2002 - Extended Versions.

2016 Live In Munich 2015. The World Is Ours - Vol 2 - Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else. You'll Get Yours - The Best of Motörhead. Live At The Roundhouse - February 18, 1978.

Over four decades, Motörhead released 23 studio albums, a vast array of music now embedded into rock folklore. It’s fair to say that without this band the whole shape of music as we know it today would have been very different. Only Lemmy was an ever-present, of course, with 10 other musicians appearing at various stages of the band’s recording career. However, there are certainly a number of landmark records, ones that appealed to punks, metalheads, rocker. omething for all music lovers. Here are all 23 ranked from worst to best. And remember, as Lemmy often said, We are Motörhead, we play rock’n’roll. 23. Rock ‘N’ Roll (1987). After the impressive Orgasmatron, and with ‘Philthy’ back on drums, much was expected of this record. However, it turned out to be something of a disaster.

Motorhead" is the eponymous song of the British heavy metal band of the same name. It was originally recorded by the space rock band Hawkwind, of whom the song's author, Motörhead frontman Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, had been a member from 1971 to 1975. It was the last song that he had written for them, but it had only been released as the B-side of the single "Kings of Speed", in March 1975. In May of that year, Lemmy was fired from Hawkwind and formed a new band, naming it after the song.

No Remorse (Motörhead album). No Remorse is a compilation album by the band Motörhead, released 15 September 1984, covering their years under contract with Bronze Records and including four newly recorded tracks. This is the last album the band made for Bronze Records, and the first to feature the new and consistent line-up of Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Würzel, and the short lived involvement of Pete Gill on drums.

Together with Larry Wallis of the Pink Fairies and drummer Philthy Animal Taylor, Motörhead recorded a debut album that was rejected by United Artists (you can just imagine the face of the poor guy who got the short straw and had to tell Lemmy), though it was eventually released as On Parole in 1979. As a result, the group expanded with the addition of "Fast" Eddie Clarke on guitar. Wallis then left after just one rehearsal, leaving the classic Motörhead lineup in shape for their debut proper. Rock & roll had never heard the like.


Overnight Sensation
1-1 Motörhead Civil War
1-2 Motörhead Crazy Like A Fox
1-3 Motörhead I Don't Believe A Word
1-4 Motörhead Eat The Gun
1-5 Motörhead Overnight Sensation
1-6 Motörhead Love Can't Buy You Money
1-7 Motörhead Broken
1-8 Motörhead Them Not Me
1-9 Motörhead Murder Show
1-10 Motörhead Shake The World
1-11 Motörhead Listen To Your Heart
Snake Bite Love
1-12 Motörhead Love For Sale
1-13 Motörhead Dogs Of War
1-14 Motörhead Snake Bite Love
1-15 Motörhead Assassin
1-16 Motörhead Take The Blame
1-17 Motörhead Dead And Gone
1-18 Motörhead Night Side
1-19 Motörhead Don't Lie To Me
1-20 Motörhead Joy of Labour
1-21 Motörhead Desperate For You
1-22 Motörhead Better Off Dead
Everything Louder Than Everyone Else CD1
1-23 Motörhead Iron Fist
1-24 Motörhead Stay Clean
1-25 Motörhead On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
1-26 Motörhead Over Your Shoulder
1-27 Motörhead Civil War
1-28 Motörhead Burner
1-29 Motörhead Metropolis
1-30 Motörhead Nothing Up My Sleeve
1-31 Motörhead I'm So Bad, Baby I Don't Care
1-32 Motörhead The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
1-33 Motörhead Take The Blame
1-34 Motörhead No Class
1-35 Motörhead Overnight Sensation
1-36 Motörhead Sacrifice
Everything Louder Than Everyone Else CD2
1-37 Motörhead Born To Raise Hell
1-38 Motörhead Lost In The Ozone
1-39 Motörhead The One To Sing The Blues
1-40 Motörhead Capricorn
1-41 Motörhead Love For Sale
1-42 Motörhead Orgasmatron
1-43 Motörhead Going To Brazil
1-44 Motörhead Killed By Death
1-45 Motörhead Bomber
1-46 Motörhead Ace Of Spades
1-47 Motörhead Overkill
We Are Motorhead
1-48 Motörhead See Me Burning
1-49 Motörhead Slow Dance
1-50 Motörhead Stay Out Of Jail
1-51 Motörhead God Save The Queen
1-52 Motörhead Out To Lunch
1-53 Motörhead Wake The Dead
1-54 Motörhead One More Fucking Time
1-55 Motörhead Stagefright / Crash & Burn
1-56 Motörhead (Wearing Your) Heart On Your Sleeve
1-57 Motörhead We Are Motorhead
25 And Alive Boneshaker
1-58 Motörhead We Are Motorhead
1-59 Motörhead No Class
1-60 Motörhead Over Your Shoulder
1-61 Motörhead Metropolis
1-62 Motörhead God Save The Queen
1-63 Motörhead Born To Raise Hell
1-64 Motörhead The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
1-65 Motörhead Stay Out Of Jail
1-66 Motörhead Dead Men Tell No Tales
1-67 Motörhead Sacrifice
1-68 Motörhead Going To Brazil
1-69 Motörhead Broken
1-70 Motörhead Damage Case
1-71 Motörhead Killed By Death
1-72 Motörhead Bomber
1-73 Motörhead Ace Of Spades
1-74 Motörhead Overkill
Various Artists - Motormorphosis Part 1
1-75 Paragon Killed By Death
1-76 Torment Ace Of Spades
1-77 Quasimodo Doctor Rock
1-78 Dark Age Burner
1-79 Gigantor Ramones
1-80 Noise Forest I'll Be Your Sister
1-81 Megace Sacrifice
1-82 Goddess Of Desire Dead Men Tell No Tales
1-83 Crystal Shark Born To Raise Hell
1-84 Meat Shop Going To Brasil
1-85 Bonehouse No Voices In The Sky
1-86 Honx Listen To Your Heart
1-87 Angry Angels (We Are) The Road Crew
1-88 Quasimodo I Am The Sword
Various Artists - Motormorphosis Part 2
1-89 Temple Of The Absurd Rock'n'Roll
1-90 Torment Stone Dead Forever
1-91 Hammerhawk Overkill
1-92 Posthumous Go To Hell
1-93 Goddess Of Desire They Are Motorhead
Hammered CD1
2-1 Motörhead Walk A Crooked Mile
2-2 Motörhead Down The Line
2-3 Motörhead Brave New World
2-4 Motörhead Voices From The War
2-5 Motörhead Mine All Mine
2-6 Motörhead Shut Your Mouth
2-7 Motörhead Kill The World
2-8 Motörhead Dr. Love
2-9 Motörhead No Remorse
2-10 Motörhead Red Raw
2-11 Motörhead Serial Killer
Hammered CD2
2-12 Motörhead Shoot You In The Back
2-13 Motörhead R.A.M.O.N.E.S
2-14 Motörhead The Game
Live At Brixton Academy CD1
2-15 Motörhead We Are Motorhead
2-16 Motörhead No Class
2-17 Motörhead I'm So Bad ( Baby I Don't Care)
2-18 Motörhead Over Your Shoulder
2-19 Motörhead Civil War
2-20 Motörhead Metropolis
2-21 Motörhead Overnight Sensation
2-22 Motörhead God Save The Queen
2-23 Motörhead Born To Raise Hell
2-24 Motörhead The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
2-25 Motörhead Stay Out Of Jail
2-26 Motörhead Dead Men Tell No Tales
Live At Brixton Academy CD2
2-27 Motörhead You Better Run
2-28 Motörhead Sacrifice
2-29 Motörhead Orgasmatron
2-30 Motörhead Going To Brazil
2-31 Motörhead Broken
2-32 Motörhead Damage Case
2-33 Motörhead Iron Fist
2-34 Motörhead Killed By Death
2-35 Motörhead Bomber
2-36 Motörhead Ace Of Spades
2-37 Motörhead Overkill
2-38 Motörhead Terminal Show
2-39 Motörhead Killers
2-40 Motörhead In The Name Of Tragedy
2-41 Motörhead Suicide
2-42 Motörhead Life’s A Bitch
2-43 Motörhead Down On Me
2-44 Motörhead In The Black
2-45 Motörhead Fight
2-46 Motörhead In The Year Of The Wolf
2-47 Motörhead Keys To The Kingdom
2-48 Motörhead Smiling Like A Killer
2-49 Motörhead Whorehouse Blues
BBC Live And In Session CD1
2-50 Motörhead Keep Us On The Road
2-51 Motörhead Louie Louie
2-52 Motörhead I'll Be Your Sister
2-53 Motörhead Tear Ya Down
2-54 Motörhead Stay Clean
2-55 Motörhead No Class
2-56 Motörhead White Line Fever
2-57 Motörhead I'll Be Your Sister
2-58 Motörhead Too Late, Too Late
2-59 Motörhead (I Won't) Pay Your Price
2-60 Motörhead Capricorn
2-61 Motörhead Limb From Limb
BBC Live And In Session CD2
2-62 Motörhead Fast And Loose
2-63 Motörhead Live To Win
2-64 Motörhead White Line Fever
2-65 Motörhead Like A Nightmare
2-66 Motörhead Bite The Bullet, The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
2-67 Motörhead Killed By Death
2-68 Motörhead Orgasmatron
2-69 Motörhead Doctor Rock
2-70 Motörhead Deaf Forever
2-71 Motörhead Orgasmatron (Spoken Word)
Kiss Of Death
2-72 Motörhead Sucker
2-73 Motörhead One Night Stand
2-74 Motörhead Devil I Know
2-75 Motörhead Trigger
2-76 Motörhead Under The Gun
2-77 Motörhead God Was Never On Your Side
2-78 Motörhead Living In The Past
2-79 Motörhead Christine
2-80 Motörhead Sword Of Glory
2-81 Motörhead Be My Baby
2-82 Motörhead Kingdom Of The Worm
2-83 Motörhead Going Down

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