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The Black Keys - Turn Blue download mp3 album

The Black Keys - Turn Blue download mp3 album
Turn Blue
Alternative Rock
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Turn Blue is the eighth studio album by American rock duo the Black Keys. It was co-produced by Danger Mouse and the band, and was released on Nonesuch Records on May 12, 2014. The record was the group's fourth collaboration with Danger Mouse, following their previous studio album, El Camino (2011), which was their biggest commercial and critical success to that point

Turn Blue finds the Black Keys getting deep with themselves in several ways; Auerbach recently told Rolling Stone that the band set out to make a singles-bereft "Headphone record," and he's alluded elsewhere that his messy, allegation-laden divorce proceedings-which, in a elf touch, once was believed to include a lock of Bob Dylan's. hair-lent the album a "melancholy" vibe. Appropriately, Turn Blue sounds distant and subdued, a murky-sounding collection of '70s stoner-rock facsimiles and swirling gray tones that, for the most part, are.

Turn Blue, the Black Keys‘ eighth studio album, opens with seven minutes of slow burn and eccentric fury. Weight of Love is the sort of uproar most bands would save for a big finish. But the Keys – singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney – and their co-producer Brian Burton, . Danger Mouse, show their nerve upfront in a mounting tension of acoustic guitar and painted-desert ambience, cut open by Auerbach’s machete-treble twang and battered by Carney’s unhurried John Bonham-like rolls. When Auerbach finally gets to the chorus, he sings it as high-pitched warning ( Don’t.

Turn Blue, the 2014 successor to their down-and-dirty international blockbuster El Camino, is one of those trips, a churning psychedelic excursion that slowly pulses in any color you like. Those colors spread out slow and low as Turn Blue gets underway via "Weight of Love," sounding not at all unlike Pink Floyd's "Breathe in the Air," a deliberate comparison the Keys return to often throughout the album, letting it decorate fleeting moments and infuse full songs ("Bullet in the Brain," the first single pulled from the LP, hits many.

Produced by Patrick Carney, Dan Auerbach & Danger Mouse.

Album · 2014 · 11 Songs. From the spacey opener "Weight of Love", which pulls out a grandiose Pink Floyd-style guitar solo before the vocal even starts, it's clear that The Black Keys are thinking big. The album's '70s classic rock vibe gives the Keys a bigger, more cosmic sound, while studio wizard Danger Mouse wraps electronic swirls around Dan Auerbach's mountain of guitars. And just when we're into the psychedelic groove, the soulful strut of "Gotta Get Away" proves the duo's roadhouse R&B roots are still right there. Turn Blue The Black Keys.

Like Turn Blue, the latter album was written during a period of personal turmoil (Carney had just gotten divorced from his first wife, and was also harboring some acrimony towards Auerbach related to his own 2009 solo album, Keep It Hid), but the duo rekindled their relationship and made what would be their commercial breakthrough. Thematically, Brothers stuck to the aforementioned usual subjects, but took them on with a more layered, bigger sound that included more guitar tracks and keyboards, an idea first introduced on their previous album, 2008's Attack and Release. For a minute, forget that The Black Keys aren't licensing their songs to every other commercial and movie trailer, their albums aren't going platinum (in 2014, no less), and they aren't billed at the top of every festival in the world (save Glastonbury).


Weight Of Love 6:50
In Time 4:28
Turn Blue 3:43
Fever 4:06
Year In Review 3:48
Bullet In The Brain 4:16
It's Up To You Now 3:11
Waiting On Words 3:37
10 Lovers 3:33
In Our Prime 4:38
Gotta Get Away 3:02


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
542300-2 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch 542300-2 US 2014
542300 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(11xFile, FLAC, Album, 44.) Nonesuch 542300 US 2014
542300 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(11xFile, MP3, Album, 256) Nonesuch 542300 US 2014
7559-79555-4, 7559795554 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch, Nonesuch 7559-79555-4, 7559795554 Europe 2014
7559795554 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch 7559795554 Philippines 2014
0075597955545 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch 0075597955545 Brazil 2014
542822-2 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch 542822-2 US 2014
542300-2 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch 542300-2 Argentina 2014
7559-79555-4, 7559795554 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch, Nonesuch 7559-79555-4, 7559795554 Indonesia 2014
WPCR-15735 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch WPCR-15735 Japan 2014
2-542733 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch 2-542733 US 2014
7559-79555-4, 7559795554 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch, Nonesuch 7559-79555-4, 7559795554 Australia 2014
542300-2 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album) Nonesuch 542300-2 Thailand 2014
075597955545 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album, Dig) Nonesuch 075597955545 Mexico 2014
2-542300 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album, Dig) Nonesuch 2-542300 Canada 2014
542300-2 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CD, Album, Unofficial) Nonesuch 542300-2 Russia 2014
PCD-595 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(CDr, Album, Promo) Warner Music Japan PCD-595 Japan 2014
542300-1 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(LP, Album) Nonesuch 542300-1 US 2014
542300-1 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(LP, Album + CD, Album, Promo) Nonesuch 542300-1 US 2014
1-542300 The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(LP, Album, TP) Nonesuch 1-542300 US 2014
none The Black Keys Turn Blue ‎(11xFile, FLAC, Album, 44.) Nonesuch none US 2015

  • DireRaven
Inner groove distortion plagues this record. In addition sounds like a record that was fiddled around with extensively in post production.
  • Funny duck
Does anyone else have a misprint? Both sides of my Turn Blue record say "side b"
  • Cobyno
Here is a link to the vinyl reviews review of this specific pressing:
  • Narder
This version is defined as a promo, as also printed on the cover on the pictures. But I cannot find a "standard" version?
  • CrazyDemon
Really nice sound quality on this one. And no crackle on A1 as others have mentioned - dead silent noise floor here. Nice wide stereo separation and the mix is good but I do feel it needs a small amount of treble boost to sound "right" to my ears in my setup - I'd rather have to remove some than add some but this is a tiny complaint at best. I wish every album was pressed this well. I think it's also worth noting that this doesn't feel as light/thin as a 140 gram, but also doesn't feel as heavy as a 180 - it seems somewhere in the middle. Anyway, this one is a 9 out of 10 for me especially considering that it was only $15 with free shipping from Amazon.
  • Uste
Anybody want to comment about the music? I dont really care if your coloured vinyl came with a sticker and some chewing gum. RIP Discogs ‘Review’ section.
  • BlackBerry
A part from business collectors searching for rarest versions there's a lot of people more interesting in sound quality than music itself. I thought it was possible in electronic music, but i find it a little bit strange talkin' about low-fi rock blues. Anyway i think this is a real good record. BK were probably searching for new musical way and they found it here. So it seems to me they're gone in the Black Angels direction (and it's quite clear startin' from the cover..).
  • Vojar
The kind of LP that every record store has ten copies of.
  • Kazracage
My vinyl, 542300-1, has a revolving surface sound *crackle* at the beginning of song 1, Weight of Love. Damn this song is unreal. Dan's guitar solo at the end-- brilliant af. But I digress. Anyone else have that surface crack at the start of Weight of Love?
  • Kata
Mine has the same crackle in the same place, beginning of track A1. Some random pops/noise in the rest of side A too. Side B is in better shape. The sound quality of the recording, if you disregard pops and crackle (if you can do that), is really good.
Mine definitely has the crackle and until I just read your post I thought I was crazy. I spent one night a year ago playing it over and over trying to figure out if it was put there intentionally, only to come to the conclusion that I was losing my mind, because the album was mint.
  • Black_Hawk_Down.
I don't hear this on mine, for what it's worth.
  • Bukelv
Yes, I thought it was just mine since I bought it used but if others have then it's a pressing error.
  • Nalmergas
Jesus once sold for 20 dollars now a thousand? There's no god damn rhyme or reason to this website.
  • Butius
Hi, What's the difference between this LP / Vinyl and the ones that come together with a CD and LP Vinyl?
  • Moswyn
I would love to hear about the sound quality of this one.
If you’re worried about sound quality that much, buy a CD or download.
  • Granigrinn
I think its great. My copy has little-to-no surface noise to speak of. Not an amazing master, but it sounds very good - more detail than the FLAC version I've listened to. I use the 2nd track as a cartridge comparison track occasional due to the clean layers.
  • Fohuginn
I'm looking to buy this if anyone is selling? Cheers
  • Tygolar
I have a new copy, send me a message via inbox.
  • Zulkigis
I picked up a Grey pin with black text and an "Album In Stores Now" poster too.
  • Levaq
Ktrump5 - I got a The Black Keys Turn Blue bag with the purchase of the CD, and the pin with the LP. The slip mat came with my Test Press.
  • Kerdana
Anyone else get any merch with their purchase of this album? I got a turntable slip mat, a poster, and a pin. Also, I won an "artwork" copy of the cover...
  • Shak
I wish! Ive been on the hunt for one of those slipmats since it came out.
  • PanshyR
Does anyone else see what looks like hidden tracks pressed into the label?
  • Stan
Those fine lines on the label are just the way it was printed/pressed onto the vinyl... I've seen other labels with lines like that... The new Jack White album will have a hidden message under the label though!
  • Rocksmith
Only minor lines are visible. They don't show to have any information in them. But to be sure I put the needle in/on them, which felt a bit stupid. It would be cool, but it only made that terrible noise you'ld expect.
  • Gozragore
I just read this in a preview from the upcoming Jack White Album: "2 vinyl-only hidden tracks hidden beneath the center labels1 hidden track plays at 78 RPM, one plays at 45 RPM, making this a 3-speed record"So, you might not be too wrong...Maybe you should just give it a try. I don't own the new Black Keys album yet, otherwise I'd give it a chance.
  • Oppebro
It does look like that but....Let us know what happens if you play it :)