» » The Andrews Sisters - I Wish I Had A Dime (For Ev'ry Time I Missed You) / Why Don't We Do This More Often?

The Andrews Sisters - I Wish I Had A Dime (For Ev'ry Time I Missed You) / Why Don't We Do This More Often? download mp3 album

The Andrews Sisters - I Wish I Had A Dime (For Ev'ry Time I Missed You) / Why Don't We Do This More Often? download mp3 album
I Wish I Had A Dime (For Ev'ry Time I Missed You) / Why Don't We Do This More Often?
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If he had missed the train, he would have missed his flight. 3. I'm glad that you reminded me about Amanda's birthday. I would have forgotten if you hadn't reminded me. 4. Unfortunately I forgot my address book when I went on holiday. If I'd had your address, I would have sent you a postcard. 5. A: How was your holiday? Did you have a nice time? B: It was OK, bu we would have enjoyed it more if the weather had been nicer. 6. I took a taxi to the hotel, but the traffic was bed. It would have been quicker if I had walked.

Unit 39- Part A. Study this example situation: Sarah wants to phone Paul, but she can’t do this because she doesn’t know his number. She says: If I knew his number, I would phone him. Sarah says: If I knew his numbe. .This tells us that she doesn’t know his number. She is imagining the situation. The real situation is that she doesn’t know his number. 3 We’d go out, We would go out more often if we could afford it. 4 If I didn’t have to work late, I could meet you tomorrow. o. ’d meet, I would mee. ’d be able to mee. We could have lunch outside if it weren’t raining, wasn’t raining. 6 If I wanted his advice, I’d ask for it, I would ask for i. end-tooltip}. 2 I wish I had a big garden. 3 I wish I could tell jokes. 4 I wish I was taller.

Mark, Alabama I wish I had more time to read. I enjoy reading but I waste so much time, whether on the internet or at work. I guess I shouldn't say that work is a waste of time, but you know, I do so many other things and I keep so busy, I never have time to read and it's the one thing that I usually wind up regretting.

Study this example situation: Sue wants to phone Paul but she can't do this because she doesn't know his number. but he doesn't have much time) If I didn't want to go to the party, I wouldn't go. (but I want to go) We wouldn't have any money if we didn't work. but we work) If you were in my position, what. would you do? It's a pity you can't drive. It would be useful if you could. We use the past in the same way after wish (I wish I knew/I wish you were et. I don't know it and I regret this) Do you ever wish you could fly? (you can't fly) It rains a lot here. I wish it didn't rain so Often. It's very crowded here. I wish there weren't so many people. but there are a lot of people) I wish I didn't have to work. After if and wish, you can use were instead of was (if I were I wish it were et. or if it wasn't raining. I wish it were possible

4 I hop. an be used in a similar way to I wis. ut I hope is used only for wishes that are actually possible, and it usually has a good meaning. I hope you have a good time. There’s a lot to see. I hope you won’t be late. But I wish with the infinitive has a different meaning. It is a formal way of saying I’d like to or I want to. I wish to interview you for the job next week. Note also these expressions: I wish you luck/success in your new job. We wish you a happy New Year. 1 Underline the most suitable verb form un each sentence. a) I wish Peter doesn’t live/didn’t live/wouldn’t live so far way from the town centre. We’ll have to take a taxi. I wish I brought/had brought my pullover with me. c) What a pity. I wish we don’t have to/didn’t have to/wouldn’t have to leave. d) I wish you tell/told/had told me about the test. I haven’t done any revision. e) I wish the people next door hadn’t made/wouldn’t make/couldn’t make so much noise. I can’t hear myself think! f) Darling, I love you so much! I wish we are/had been/would be/could be together always! g) I’m sorry I missed your birthday party.

7 I’m sorry I missed your birthday party. I really wish I come, came, had come, would come. 8 I like my new boss but I wish she gave, would give, could give me some more responsibility. 9 Having a lovely time in Brighton. I wish you are, were, had been here. 10 This car was a complete waste of money. 1 This train journey seems endless! I wish we (go) had gone by car. 2 I wish I (have). 3 I wish the government (do). I wish I could play the piano. 8 wish I wasn't/ weren't.

Upper-intermediate English grammar. 0. You felt sick and you missed your friend’s birthday party. I wish I hadn’t felt sick. 1 You got up late and you missed the train. 2 You shouted at your girlfriend and she broke up with you. ⇒ I wish I at my girlfriend. 3 You're not the boss so you can't use the car park. 4 You didn't go to the meeting and you lost the contract. I wish I to the meeting. 5 Your neighbours make a lot of noise and you hate it. ⇒ If only my neighbours so much noise! 6 You want to go away for the weekend but you've got lots of homework  . We can use wish + subject + past perfect to talk about things that happened in the past and that we regret (we would have wanted them to be different). I wish I hadn’t quit my job two years ago. I wish we hadn’t wasted all that money. I wish you would do. We can use wish + person/thing + would + infinitive when we talk about situations that annoy us and we would like them to change, or to stop. I wish you would stop biting your nails. I hate it when you do it.

I wish .(spend) more time swimming last summer. She acts as if sh.(own) the place. I wish I had bough. I’d rather you don’t eat all the bread. It’s time I go. I wish I own a motorbike. I wish we are not leaving in the morning. Sue would rather reading than watching television. 7. I hope it would stop raining. 8. I’d prefer if you didn’t wait. 9. I wish I didn’t listen to you before. Exercise 4. Rewrite these sentences using a suitable phrase from the box. Use each phrase only once  . If only the children would use our pool more often. I wish I could go back to the days when we had our own pool. If only we didn't have that great big pool in the back garden. I'd sooner we used solar power to heat our pool.

Don’t you think Ian looks just like his father? 16. I had read the whole of War and Peace by the time I was seven years old 17. ‘Why were you so tired yesterday?’ ‘Because I had been jogging all morning. 18. It was the first time I had ever seen a live match. 19. When are you going to finish this test? I have finished it already. 20. After George had returned to his house, he read a book. 1. We (were walking) along the forest road when it (started) snowing. This is the first time I (have been) late for my Japanese classes


A I Wish I Had A Dime (For Ev'ry Time I Missed You)
B Why Don't We Do This More Often?

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